At Integrated Laser we value our customer's feedback whether it be a compliment or something we need to improve. Hearing back from our clients helps us improve on our services and to know what matters to you. Below you will see some of the testimonials we have received over the years.


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Chris Cummings, Investors Group

I would like to take a moment and thank Bobbi and Integrated Laser for the outstanding customer service. I recently purchased a reconditioned laser printer from Integrated Laser. The printer has performed outstandingly and has reduced the amount of money I was spending on toner cartridges dramatically (I have calculated that it will save my business a substantial amount each year). The printer is fast, inexpensive and the print quality is exceptional. I now take every opportunity available to spread the word and let others know of her services.


Regards, Chris Cummings

Luc C., Royal Canadian Mounted Police Service


Thanks for the email. I will pass this information to clients whenever I see an opportunity and comment on my experience with Integrated Laser's outstanding onsite printer servicing. ...and thank you for the excellent service thru all these calls, now and in the past.


Luc C., RCMP

Michelle White, AMP, Mortgage Architects

Bobbi is definitely an Expert in her field. She is extremely knowledgeable and delivers advice and service with professionalism and integrity. I highly recommend Bobbi and her company.


Michelle White, Mortgage Planner, AMP, Mortgage Architects

2010 - present

2010 - present