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We Recycle Our Products

With any purchase of replacement toner or & ink cartridges, we'll recycle our empty ones for free!

Recycling Empty Toner Cartridges

Every month, Ontario throws out over 200,000 empty printer cartridges and this rate increases by 10% each month. This equates to 300 tons of non-decompose plastic, metal and polymer-silicone based toner. Integrated Laser has made a commitment to be a part of the solution, not the problem. Products purchased from Integrated Laser, are always recycled and/or disposed of, in an environmentally conscious manner. This ensures a positive step towards protecting our environment and keeping our local business growing.


Exposing the Fraud:

The green debate of whether it is better to recycle or re manufacture toner cartridges has raged for years between printer manufacturers and the aftermarket. To the poor people of Guiyu, China, the answer is crystal clear. Heaps of empty cartridges line the streets and riversides after being scavenged for their toner... Read the full story here...

Recycling Program Gone Wrong

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I would like to take a moment and thank Bobbi and Integrated Laser for the outstanding customer service. I recently purchased a reconditioned laser printer from Integrated Laser. The printer has performed outstandingly and has reduced the amount of money I was spending on toner cartridges dramatically (I have calculated that it will save my business a substantial amount each year). The printer is fast, inexpensive and the print quality is exceptional. I now take every opportunity available to spread the word and let others know of her services.

Regards, Chris Cummings

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